Thomas will be fighting fit thanks to generosity of local charity

15-year-old Thomas Bassett from Glascote, who is undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), has been gifted a year’s subscription at BeatBox Boxing Studio in Lichfield from Simon’s Heroes children’s charity, to help him improve his mobility and general well-being after undergoing months of chemotherapy.

Thomas was diagnosed with the condition in 2016 after he developed flu-like symptoms and a rash on his leg. He was initially thought to have Meningitis but further tests revealed he had ALL, which although rare, is the most common type of childhood cancer. It progresses rapidly and aggressively and requires immediate treatment. It is caused by a genetic change (mutation) in the stem cells that cause immature white blood cells to be released into the bloodstream.

Thomas’ chemotherapy began a few days after diagnosis. The intense treatment took its toll on his physical and mental health as he became too poorly to continue his normal routine. His school attendance and social life became intermittent, as he became extremely vulnerable to life-threatening infections.

‘His mobility began to suffer because the treatment zapped all of his energy and he has put on weight due to the steroids he is taking,’ said his mum Rachel. ‘He has also become very withdrawn which has affected his social interaction.’

Thomas’ treatment is going well and is due to finish in 2020. He is currently undergoing physio at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to help improve his mobility and the sessions at BeatBox are already having a positive influence on his outlook.

Rachel commented, ‘I am so grateful to Simon’s Heroes for the opportunity to help Thomas regain his fitness. It has already had a positive impact on his mental well-being; he’s back to being a happy 15-year-old and it’s great to see him smiling and enjoying life again.’

Author: C Bull



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