Adhesive manufacturer seals partnership with local children’s charity

Local children’s charity, Simon’s Heroes has received a donation of £1500 from Tamworth-based adhesive manufacturer, Apollo Chemicals Ltd.

The donation is the first following Apollo’s adoption of Simon’s Heroes as its first ever charity partner and is the result of a series of staff, company and supplier-led fundraising activities.

Apollo Chemicals Ltd, based on Amington Industrial Estate, is the UK’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, primers, cleaners and liquid coatings. The award-winning company supplies high-performance products worldwide across a range of industrial, construction, roofing and end-user markets.

Following a vote cast by Apollo’s leadership team and in line with the company’s core care values, Simon’s Heroes was selected as their charity of choice over the next 12 months, for giving something back to the local community.

The company raised £1000 for Simon’s Heroes from activities carried out running up to and over the Christmas 2017 period, which was generated from one of their employees giving up alcohol for a month and a weigh in at the company’s fit club. Employees paid £1 to be weighed and £1 for every pound they gained. A further £500 was donated from Invopak, one of Apollo’s longstanding suppliers.

Apollo has set up a fundraising team in-house made up of representatives from each department who will meet regularly to discuss fundraising ideas. The company will also encourage its employees to participate in the charity’s own fundraising and awareness activities, such as quiz nights, and volunteering their time.

Craig Smith, Chairman of Simon’s Heroes said: “We are very grateful for the efforts that employees at Apollo and their supplier have put in to raise this money, every penny really does count!

“As a non-profit organisation we rely heavily on our partnerships, sponsors and supporters to keep us going and we are so grateful for Apollo’s support.”

Jon Saunders, Chairman of Apollo said: “We are proud to have chosen Simon’s Heroes as our company charity. We really admire the great work they do in the local community, improving quality of life and making a difference to children in need. Our staff are really looking forward to working together to get involved and support the charity!”

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