Wike special needs bicycle trailer brings joy to girl with rare condition

An 8-year-old girl with a rare genetic condition now has a Wike special needs bicycle trailer, thanks to local fundraising group, Simon’s Heroes.

Amelia Brady from Tamworth has DYRK1A syndrome which occurs when there are changes to the DYRK1A gene, which plays a key role in brain development.  There are currently only around 400 cases recorded worldwide and symptoms vary from speech delay, motor difficulties, microcephaly (small head), feeding, behavioural and vision problems.

Amelia had been late hitting milestones but was not diagnosed until she was 3 years old. She is globally delayed with severe learning difficulties, poor coordination and is non-verbal.

“Despite her condition, Amelia is very energetic,” her mum Gemma explained. “She loves going to the park and letting off steam, which helps her sleep. She loves bikes and being outdoors but she cannot balance on the seat herself.

We borrowed a Weehoo bike trailer for a couple of months from Charlotte’s Tandems, a charity that lends, at no cost, tandems and tag-alongs to people with disabilities or additional needs, who are unable to ride a bike safely on their own. Amelia absolutely loved going out with her dad in it, and we knew that owning one would make such a difference to her quality of life.

We approached Simon’s Heroes to see if they could help fund something similar. We were delighted when we learned that our application had been granted.  The gift of the Wike trailer means that she will be able to enjoy being outside and involved in family activities for years to come.  She is so happy when she is riding in it. Thank you to Simon’s Heroes for making this happen, we are so grateful.”

Author: C Abbott.



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