Flooring donation lays out hope for James and his family

Simon’s Heroes children’s charity has answered a request for help from the family of a severely autistic boy, who are keen to ensure their son’s safety and well-being at their home in Wigginton, near Tamworth.

James Shaw, who is 11, has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, learning difficulties, Cerebal Palsy and Pica, an eating disorder that involves consuming items that are not typically thought of as food. He needs close and constant supervision, survives on very little sleep and is always on the go. His mum Anne and step-dad Rob provide full time care for their son.

Their bungalow has recently undergone alterations, recommended by James’ Occupational Therapist, and funded by their local authority. These adaptations have included major structural work such as moving walls and doors, which will go a long way in making the family home as safe as possible for James. However, the renovations left the existing flooring in a state of disrepair, and the family required further help to complete the upgrade.

‘We needed good quality flooring throughout the property,’ explained his mum Anne. ‘Something that would be easy to maintain, safe to walk on and waterproof.

‘We were delighted when Simon’s Heroes stepped forward to help. The new flooring will enable James to enjoy sensory and messy play, and it is safer and easier to clean. It’s a huge improvement! We are thrilled and really appreciate the kind donation.’

Justin Haywood, Chairman, Simon’s Heroes, said: ‘Although we can’t take away the heavy load of responsibility the family carry, we can make it easier for them, so we didn’t hesitate when we were approached to help out.

‘We hope it will help make life that little bit easier for them for years to come.’

Author: C Abbott.



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