Thomas bedroom for little Alfie O’Driscoll

Thanks to local fund-raising champions Simon’s Heroes a Tamworth mother and father “will feel like parents again”.

The charity announced 15-month-old Alfie O’Driscoll as their new beneficiary this week.

Little Alfie has chronic lung disease as well as subglotic stenosis, a condition which affects his airways.

Described as “priceless people” by Alfie’s mum Rachel Collins, Simon’s Heroes are sending in the decorators this coming Monday to transform Alfie’s room into a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed haven.

Alfie has been so poorly and has been in and out of hospital ever since he was born. Being premature Alfie had little chance to survive. Alfie has had 37 admissions to Birmingham Children’s Hospital in just eight months.

He had heart surgery in December and he’s due to have a more serious operation to reconstruct his airways when he gets a little bit bigger.

Dad Tyler O’Driscoll said the support from Simon’s Heroes is overwhelming.

Simon’s Heroes really are priceless people. As parents we hardly ever have time to decorate or to do normal stuff. If anything the new room will allow us to feel like parents again instead of being constant carers. He suffers from separation anxiety because we’ve always been by his side – we’re hoping his new room will give him that sense of security.

Rachel O’Driscoll

Described as such a happy boy by mum Rachel, Alfie was all smiles just minutes after being resuscitated in an ambulance.

“He can be really deceiving at times because he’s always so happy,” added Rachel.

Simon’s Heroes will spend just over a week decorating Alfie’s new room and group representative Debbie Carter is only too glad to offer both Rachel and Tyler a helping hand.

Speaking on behalf of Simon’s Heroes, Debbie said: “When I asked Rachel how we could help she was slightly overwhelmed and very grateful of the support.

“We discussed that due to Alfie being in hospital all throughout his first 12 months they haven’t had the time to decorate his room.

“Alfie is a lover of Thomas the Tank Engine so after a discussion with the trustees we have decided to decorate Alfie’s room with a Thomas the Tank theme.

“Over the next two weeks we will be painting, laying new carpet and purchasing Alfie his very first Thomas the Tank toddler bed.

“We cannot express how happy we are to do this for Alfie and his parents as we know how much this will mean to them.

“Our members show great support throughout the year raising money so all this can be made possible.”




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