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Children’s charity gives Oscar a good night’s sleep

Local children’s charity Simon’s Heroes has stepped in to fund a specialist paediatric bed to help a four-year-old disabled boy enjoy a decent night’s sleep.

Oscar Wikiera from Tamworth was born a healthy, happy baby until he developed an acute chest infection when he was 5 weeks old. He was seen by a GP and a hospital doctor but despite his parents’ concern, the family were advised that he was well enough to return home.

Just 4 days later Oscar’s condition drastically deteriorated during a shopping trip with his mum at a local supermarket. He stopped breathing and began to fit. ‘It was terrifying,’ recalled his mum Izabella, ‘there was foam and blood coming from his nose and mouth. I screamed for help.’

Two police officers, who were already on site apprehending a shop lifter, came to her aid. Oscar went into cardiac arrest and the two officers, Marie Louise and Tom Fotherby, administered CPR whilst they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Oscar was given just a one percent chance of survival and his parents were advised that if he did live, he would be severely brain damaged as well as blind and deaf. He was in a coma for a week and spent several weeks in hospital whilst medical staff assessed his condition.

Oscar defied all odds by retaining his sight and hearing; however the asphyxiation he endured left him completely paralysed with severe global developmental delay. He is unable to talk and has to be tube fed through his stomach.  He does have a reasonable level of understanding which is evident through his facial expressions when he is spoken to. Despite his condition, he wears a beautiful smile which lights up the room and those around him.

He attends Saxon Hill Academy in Lichfield five mornings a week.  ‘He enjoys spending time in the sensory rooms and loves listening to music,’ Izabella said. He also benefits from fortnightly physio which helps relieve the muscle spasms and stiffness that he suffers.

Oscar lives with his mum, dad Marek and brothers Igor (7) and Viktor (10) in the family home and had been sleeping in a cot in the lounge. The specialist bed has made it much easier for his parents to dress and handle him as well as providing him with a safe and restful night’s sleep.

 ‘Oscar has been sleeping so much better since he has been in his new bed. It is more comfortable and helps him to relax. We have moved him into his own room too! Thank you so much Simon’s Heroes!’

Author: C Bull.


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