Charity group gives Neveah new lease of life

Seven-year-old Neveah Brown from Tamworth, who suffers from a range of complex health issues, has been gifted a hydrotherapy bath from children’s fundraising group, Simon’s Heroes, to help relieve the stiffness of her muscles, a result of her condition.

Neveah was born with a number of conditions including Hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain. The condition causes brain damage which can lead to developmental, physical and intellectual impairments.

Nevaeh’s symptoms include a large head, poor muscle tone, limited mobility and muscle spasms. She is unable to talk, and her vision is impaired.

Neveah’s mum, Louise, explained: ‘Hydrotherapy treatment provides Neveah with some relief from her muscle spasms and helps her to relax. It is also good for her bone and muscle development.

‘We were delighted when Simon’s Heroes agreed to cover the cost of Neveah’s bath and installation, which also included some accessories. It has made a big difference to Neveah; she uses it frequently and benefits so much more from having one at home. She really responds well to it; we can see the smile on her face when she is using it.

‘This generous gift freed up money to allow us to buy other life-changing equipment, like a specialist seat. We are so grateful for all of the help the charity has provided us with. They are amazing.’

Author:  C Abbott.



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