Autistic boy’s bedroom transformed into sensory haven thanks to local charity

A 6-year-old boy who suffers from a number of developmental conditions, now has his very own sensory-themed bedroom thanks to local children’s charity, Simon’s Heroes.

Ebad Mahmood, from Amington, has autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Global Developmental Disorder (GDD) and speech delay. He struggles with social interaction and communication and is often very anxious. He has difficulty settling in his own room, preferring to co-sleep with his parents most nights.

“Ebad responds well to sensory stimulation,” his mum Kiran said. “We knew that if his room could be made into a calming sensory bedroom space and was more enclosed, it would help him deal with his anxiety, help him to remain calm and focus on activities of interest.”

Simon’s Heroes has transformed his entire bedroom into a sensory safe haven. This included the provision of a treehouse bed with slide, which members of the charity assembled and fitted.  The charity supplied a hypoallergenic mattress, bed linen, weighted blanket, portable wardrobe and memory pillow. It was also furnished with a pod swing hammock, giant crash pad, numerous sensory items such as a bubble lamp, LED sensory drawing board and white noise machine, and activity centres to stimulate and occupy Ebad.

“Ebad is delighted with his sensory-themed bedroom”, Kiran said. “He gets perceptive and vestibular input from it and enjoys spending time in there. The provision of a safe, soft playroom and sensory area is already helping him to maintain a calm state and he’s happier sleeping there too. It provides all of the therapeutic support he needs.

“On behalf of my husband and I, I would like to thank Simon’s Heroes for everything they have done for Ebad, it really has made a difference and we are so grateful,” Kiran added.

Author: C Abbott.


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