Rad ride gives Isaac new lease of life

A 7-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome has been given a new lease of life thanks to the generosity of local fundraising group, Simon’s Heroes.

Isaac Brown from Netherseal, has been gifted a WIKE special needs bicycle trailer, so that he can continue to take part in family outdoor activities, something he takes a lot of pleasure in.

He was diagnosed with his condition at birth with further complications arising as he got older, such as speech and mobility issues as well as hearing, sight impairment and autism.

Isaac enjoys outdoor holidays and cycling on trails with his family, but had started to outgrow his trailer, which plays a key role in enabling him to participate. It was also becoming more difficult to carry him from the trailer to rest points, such as cafés and visitor centres. His family sought something more specialised, which could accommodate him as he continued to grow and be easily converted into a stroller for times when they are on foot.

“Isaac thrives being outdoors,” said his mum Joanne. “When we go on holiday we choose active ones, where Isaac can enjoy the fresh air and explore with us. He loves animals and loves to observe them. At home, he prefers to be in the garden on his swing, watching our chickens, or playing with the dog. Being outdoors stimulates him so much!

“We are thrilled with his new WIKE. It really has made a difference and means so much to all of us to be able to continue our outdoor adventures together as a family. Thank you Simon’s Heroes for such a wonderful gift.”

Author: C Abbott.


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