Teenage boy with rare genetic disorder receives life changing specialist chair from local charity

13-year-old Aaron Collins from Tamworth, who has Bardet Biedl Syndrome, has been gifted a bespoke, reinforced chair from Simon’s Heroes children’s charity, to allow him to access learning and other opportunities, as well as support his communication and interaction with others.

The condition, which required him to undergo a kidney transplant when he was 2 and ½ years old, affects many parts of his body. Aaron’s symptoms include visual impairment, severe learning disabilities and chronic kidney disease.

Claire Milton, Aaron’s Deputy Headteacher at Two Rivers High School explained: ‘Aaron has already faced more challenges than most of us will face in a lifetime. In addition to his health needs, he also has significant educational and behavioural needs that require specialised support and resources.

‘Despite these challenges, he is a true inspiration. He has a love for life that is infectious, and he brings joy and happiness to everyone around him.’

Aaron’s school reached out to Simon’s Heroes to see if the charity could help fund a specialised and bespoke chair, which would help him to sit comfortably, safely and support his bariatric and sensory regulation needs and enable him to access his bespoke curriculum. It would also reduce Aaron’s risk of injury to himself and others as it is designed to provide sensory feedback to limit rocking.

‘When the supplier came into school to let Aaron trial a similar chair, it was clear to see that Aaron was happy, comfortable and safe in the chair. In fact, it was heart-breaking to see the chair go. Staff reported that Aaron was able to engage for longer periods of time and he was the happiest they had seen him.

‘We were delighted when Simon’s Heroes agreed to fund the chair.  It will help him thrive in school and is designed to support him throughout his time in education as well as at home.  It’s going to make a real difference, as well as providing safety for those who are educating and caring for him. A big thank you on behalf of us all at Two Rivers and Aaron’s family.’

Thanks to local businesses Precision Technologies and TPS360 for their generous donations, which funded this project. Simon’s Heroes relies on donations from local companies to continue making a difference. If you work for a company looking for its next charity beneficiary, please get in touch:

Author: C Abbott.



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