Specialist bicycle trailer brings joy to Tamworth girl with rare brain disorder

10-year-old Ruby Bagshaw from Bolehall has been gifted a special needs bicycle trailer from fundraising group Simon’s Heroes, which will make it much easier for her to take part in outdoor activities with her family, something she loves to do.

Ruby has a number of debilitating conditions, including cerebral palsy, autism and hydrocephalus, more commonly known as water on the brain, which has affected her global development. She does have a reasonable level of understanding and is able to speak and express her emotions but becomes very anxious, especially when she is away from her mum.

She has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy which, coupled with her other illnesses, means it is very unlikely she will ever be able to ride a bike independently.

“Ruby loves being outdoors,” her mum Michelle explained, “but as she has grown and her symptoms have developed, it has become more difficult to involve her in routine activities as a family, such as biking and walking.

“Ruby is now too big to ride in a child’s seat but not capable of riding solo, and so our family outings have become less frequent.”

Simon’s Heroes funded the purchase of a Wike extra-large special needs bicycle trailer and accessory kit, which includes a carry bag, head stabiliser, cover and recliner – everything Ruby needs to comfortably and securely enjoy their cherished family days out.

Michelle added: “We are so grateful to Simon’s Heroes for their generosity; you have changed the dynamics of our family’s social life. Ruby absolutely loves the trike, as do we all. It’s been so great to get out with her and all our family holidays are now being planned around places where we can use the Wike.”

Author C Abbott.



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