Simon’s Heroes put in a ‘mudnificent’ effort to boost funds

Local fundraising group, Simon’s Heroes, completed the world’s first multi-branded obstacle course earlier this month to raise much needed funds for their beneficiaries.

The Heroes took part in Mudnificent 7, a 10km course showcasing some of the most challenging and exciting obstacles to test both physical and mental strength.

Paul Cocksedge, Simon’s Heroes trustee said: ‘Thank you to everyone for a great day. We established Simon’s Heroes as a key point on the map. We have made new contacts who are keen to help our cause.’

The Mudnificent 7 is designed by 7 of the UK’s top obstacle event organisers such as Ram Run, Bear Grylls, Airfield Anarchy and Tough Guy.

Over 50 members of Simon’s Heroes took part in the event and battled across rough, undulating muddy terrain which included crucifix carrying, cargo net climbs and 10ft walls, meat strewn tunnel crawls, a 50ft inflatable slide into a mud bath and monkey bars – concluding with a lake swim to the finish line.

The event provided a fantastic opportunity for the Heroes to come together and raise money for those who need it most and a platform to promote their work to the Obstacle Race Community.

Ann Hadley, a team member of Simon’s Heroes said ‘I was searching for something fun, challenging and rewarding when I joined Simon’s Heroes. I love being with all of the Heroes, and even though we are all from different walks of life, we share a common purpose, to help local children. Mud7 captured the spirit of obstacle running, bringing together the OR community and further strengthening the bond between the Heroes.’

Lizzie Ballard, a team member of Simon’s Heroes said: ‘It was a brilliant atmosphere. I manned the Simon’s Heroes stall and although I didn’t complete the run, I still felt included in the day as spectator viewing was very accessible. Loved being part of it, definitely doing MUD7 2016.’

Josh Ballard, aged 8, son of Simon’s Heroes member Lizzie Ballard: ‘I’ve never been so proud of strangers before. It’s great that you can raise money by doing something you love. You lot are pretty cool mum.’

Founded in 2013, the group has raised £1000’s to date through sponsored events, galas and organised fun days and has provided life enhancing aid to a number of beneficiaries. The charity began as a running and fitness club and raises money through sponsored events for local children in need. Today, it has over 80 members who are all dedicated to the cause and attend free weekly training sessions to prepare for some of the UK’s most challenging obstacle courses.

Being involved with the charity has been life changing for its members too. Friendships have been forged, fears have been challenged and overcome and everyone has an enormous sense of achievement and well being.

‘I joined Simon’s Heroes fairly recently to give me something to focus on during a very difficult time in my life and to help improve the lives of disabled children – something which is very close to my heart. As much as I enjoy the camaraderie in the group, I was more than a bit dubious about taking part in Mud7 – my first ever obstacle run. I conquered fears, ran further than I have ever ran before and got covered in more mud than I ever thought possible, but I loved every minute. The organisers did a great job transforming the site and I really enjoyed taking part. I’m still buzzing from the satisfaction of achieving a personal goal as well as being able to help children and families that need a helping hand.’ Linda Ram, a team member of Simon’s Heroes.

‘There is such a positivity amongst the group – they inspire me. Their spirit lifted me around the course and highlighted the value of team work when obstacle racing. Couldn’t have done it without them.’ Charlotte Bull, a team member of Simon’s Heroes.

‘I joined Simon’s Heroes a few months ago and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. I have reached goals I never thought possible and pushed myself to the limits. Mud7 was a big achievement for me. It has given me so much more confidence. I couldn’t have got through it without my team mates. I was buzzing for days after completing it.’ Cristy Barlow Silcock, a team member of Simon’s Heroes.

Main group shot

‘I love how we help to shape the future for the children. Not just our beneficiaries but our own children who see the good in what we do. It’s a perfect environment for my son to be part of. It shows him the positive impact caring and giving can have and encourages him to do the same.’ Keren Julia, team member of Simon’s Heroes.

‘A truly great Day with my Simon’s Heroes brothers and sisters, great course and very muddy. ‘Alex Shaw, team member, Simon’s Heroes.

‘I looked around today and saw the sea of red and everyone enjoying it and have one word….PROUD.’ Mark Bennett, Chairman, Simon’s Heroes.

Simon’s Heroes are looking for new members to help grow their charity. If you would like to contribute, even if you don’t fancy getting muddy, they are always appreciative of volunteers to help plan and support events.

To find out more about Simon’s Heroes visit Text HEROES to 70660 to donate £5.