Simon’s Heroes Grants a Life-Changing Gift to 10-Year-Old Noah Cameron

Noah Cameron, a remarkable 10-year-old boy, and his family have been blessed with a fresh start, thanks to the generosity of local children’s charity, Simon’s Heroes. The charity has gifted him an X-Rover buggy and bicycle trailer, providing a newfound sense of freedom and adventure for the Cameron family.

Noah’s journey began with a challenging diagnosis: hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by a build-up of fluid on the brain due to an in-utero bleed. The condition causes brain damage which can lead to developmental, physical and intellectual impairments.

Adding to Noah’s challenges, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just six months old. By the age of two, he had also developed epilepsy, experiencing numerous seizures, one of which was perilously close to being fatal, resulting in several weeks of hospitalization. For the past eight years, Noah’s devoted mother Helen has shared his bedroom, keeping a vigilant watch over him.

Noah’s father, Stuart, explained: ‘He has severe visual impairment and has no use of his left arm. He is non-verbal and has limited awareness of day and night, temperature extremes, and battles anxiety, particularly when leaving the comfort of home. These challenges have significantly curtailed family outings, often requiring one of us to stay behind with Noah while the other spends time with our daughter.’

Determined to enhance Noah’s quality of life, the Cameron family reached out to Simon’s Heroes with a heartfelt request: support in acquiring a specialized all-in-one buggy and bicycle trailer that Noah had previously tested out and enjoyed. This equipment would not only provide safe and  secure transportation for Noah but also enable the family to enjoy outdoor leisure activities together as a quartet.

‘We were thrilled to learn that our wish had been granted. It will be huge benefit and open up all sorts of new avenues to explore together and truly extend Noah’s world. Bike rides and leisurely walks now beckon, promising unforgettable adventures that will truly expand Noah’s horizons.

‘We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Simon’s Heroes for making this transformation possible. Noah’s world has just become a little bigger, and his future shines even brighter.’

Huge thanks to Community Union and GXO Tamworth for their generous donation which funded this project. Simon’s Heroes relies on donations from local businesses to continue making a difference. If you work for a company looking for its next charity beneficiary, please get in touch:

Author: C Abbott.



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