Community rallies to give a very brave little girl and her family a day out they truly deserve

Simon’s Heroes has teamed up with Rob Bowker, also known as the town’s clown Bibbledy Bob, to treat a brave youngster who has been battling a brain tumour, to a day out in London.

Lacey-Mae Hale, 8, has been battling the tumour since her diagnosis just 11 days before Christmas 2015.

Amazingly, the incredible Moorgate Primary School pupil rang ‘the bell’ to say she had finished treatment for her tumour in October 2018.

Mum Sam Brady said: ‘Lacey is an absolute star. She has been so brave. She knows all about it and what can happen, we have lost some friends from hospital.

‘At the minute she is stable. This is the best she has been in such a long time, touch wood. It does feel weird now she is actually off the treatment. We are so used to going to hospital on a Thursday, I don’t know what to do with myself. I keep thinking ‘I am sure I should be going to the hospital.’

Lacey has been through the mill these past few years with hospital visits, operations and chemotherapy.

And Sam admitted: ‘It has been awful, it became normality. The hospital has been amazing though, they loved Lacey.’

Now Lacey is well enough she would like to go for a day out in London and the people of Tamworth are trying to make it happen.

‘London is something she has always wanted to do. We were going to see where the Queen lived at Buckingham Palace but she had to go in for surgery. After all the bad luck she has been dealt she deserves something good for a change.’

Rob Bowker, said: ‘Simon’s Heroes sent three children to Corey’s Sports Bar to see me dressed as Santa last year. Olivia Round had just lost her brother Charlie, there was Theo who sadly died from leukaemia and Lacey.

‘I met them all and felt compelled to do something. I put an appeal on Facebook and we went to see them on Christmas Day. Since then I have formed a really good relationship with the family. Now she is well enough to do something she is desperate to go to London. It would be a lovely touching end to it all.

‘She loves chocolate and she loves Lego. I am thinking we get a limousine to the Lego shop in Piccadilly, M&M world, the London Eye, The Aquarium. I’d like to take Lacey’s mum and dad and her little brother Jenson as they have all been through the mill.’

Justin Haywood, Simon’s Heroes trustee, said: ‘We sent the family to Disneyland Paris a few years ago and I actually didn’t realise it was Lacey when I saw Rob’s post. I didn’t put two and two together at first.

‘I had a chat with the rest of the trustees and we said let’s help. Whatever we can sort out between us, we are definitely on board with.’

Source: Birmingham Live
Author: Dan Newbold