Charitable gesture gives peace of mind to Esmé and her family

Simon’s Heroes children’s charity has gifted 15-year-old Esmé, who suffers from epilepsy, a seizure monitor, which alerts her family when she is having an attack.

Esmé Aziz from Cannock suffers from several conditions including Ataxia and generalised epilepsy. She is also non-verbal and has a degree of global developmental delay.

‘Esmé’s seizures are getting worse and are triggering her anxiety,’ her mum Laura explained. ‘It is affecting her confidence too. Because she is non-verbal, we don’t always know when the seizures are happening. We just hear a thud. It is very stressful for all of us.

‘We approached Simon’s Heroes to see if they could fund a seizure monitor which Esmé could wear on her wrist. It detects certain changes in the skin which are a common indicator of seizure activity and sends an alert to an app on your phone.

‘We were delighted when our application got approved. It is already proving beneficial. It’s giving us all a bit more independence, I can give Esmé some space, instead of constantly checking up on her. I get an alert on my phone when she is in distress and can react quickly to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. It also prepares her for what’s coming.

‘We are over the moon with it, it is making life that little bit easier! Thank you so much!’

Further information about Esme’s seizure monitor can be found here.

Author: C Abbott.



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