New lease of life for Daisy and her family

Four-year-old Daisy Fisher, who suffers from ADHD and autism, has received a specialist pushchair and car seat to help make life a little bit easier for her and her family.

Daisy experiences high levels of anxiety in her daily life, a symptom of her autism, which results in episodes of intense panic. She is constantly on the move, and has no sense of fear, which keeps her mum and dad on their toes! She also feels vulnerable walking very far, which adds to her angst.

‘Daisy is a live wire and needs constant supervision,’ her mum Susan explained. ‘It can be very stressful for us, especially when we are out and about. We are on tenterhooks all of the time!

‘We were delighted when Simon’s Heroes agreed to fund a specialist pushchair and car seat for Daisy. They give her great comfort, whilst keeping her safe. They have had a huge impact on our lifestyle and well-being, as we now enjoy more frequent family outings and everyone feels more relaxed.  We can’t thank Simon’s Heroes enough.’

Author: C Abbott.



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