Charities join forces in bid to better serve the community

Three Tamworth charities have joined together to launch a partnership committed to ‘thinking and supporting local.’

Cllr Paul Brindley aka Brina, of the HIVE Foundation, has this week confirmed an alignment with Tamworth Wellbeing and Cancer Support Centre and Simon’s Heroes.

He said: “I am really really pleased to announce the partnership of three local organisations who are absolutely committed and focused on supporting our fantastic community in a diverse way.

“Thinking and supporting local is an ethos that I am very passionate about whether it be local independent businesses or, on this occasion, groups, organisations and charities.

“Post pandemic and 2021 is a huge opportunity for moving forward positively and implementing thinking that will benefit everyone in our community. The past 12 months have evidenced exactly how loving, caring and giving our community is by how it came together to support those vulnerable and in need.

“I presented my vision to partner my new HIVE Foundation with my two amazing partners Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre and Simon’s Heroes. Knowing both Paula Da-Silva and Paul Andrews and understanding the fantastic work that both charities do, to connect and harness their passion and desire was something that I thought would create a formidable, long-term partnership that those in need locally would benefit from massively.

“Launching HIVE Foundation last year was put on hold whilst I focused on the pandemic response with the Tamworth Self Isolation Support Group which then evolved into the Tamworth Volunteer Support Group and the opening of two Drop-Shop Projects.

“HIVE is here to help and support the local community with mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It’s a social movement for social change. The mission is to create an outside the box way of helping humans to be the very best version of themselves. The way that we do this is by using new and innovative teachings, therapies and services that support our community by helping them to embrace and thrive with the changes we are seeing in the world right now.

“HIVE is a community hub that will offer these services out of a central location in Tamworth where the community can come and access all of these services as part of the town’s care in the community initiative.

“I want everyone in Tamworth to know where we are, what we are doing and how we can help those that need it the most.

Paul Da-Silva of Tamworth Wellbeing and Cancer Support Centre said: “I was delighted when Brina approached me to become more involved in this project, and even more so to learn that Simon’s Heroes were also involved. They are another charity I have huge respect for.

“I’m confident that between us we can do some incredible work and support the people that need it most.”

Paul Andrews, trustee of Simon’s Heroes said: “We are thrilled to have been selected as one of the local charities that will benefit from what will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource for those seeking support.

“What a fantastic opportunity for us to promote our work helping children with life limiting illnesses. It will allow us to build awareness about our charity and reach out to those who need us most. We are proud to be working alongside two other brilliant causes, providing an essential lifeline to our community.”

Author: Dan Newbold
Source: Tamworth Herald



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